What About Now

by Gay Elvis

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I was looking through some old pictures and I stumbled on this one of me and some friends engaged in a little underage drinking in seaside heights, jersey shore style, circa…I don’t know, 87 maybe. Many many years and much more hair ago. So I was looking at this photograph right around the time I finished my EP. I was feeling all sorts of hot shit about myself and I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if I recorded some music with my friends from back in the day. The guys that I got started with and learned the instrument with…The guys that I logged so many hours in the basement playing Metallica and Descendents covers with. Aside from some 4 track and boom box recordings, there really is no evidence of our playing together in those early years. Maybe that’s a good thing…but I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if we went into the studio today and recorded something that we wrote together to kind of commemorate our friendship…Our youth if you will. On a side note…did you notice that when you look quickly at the words wouldn’t and it together , you see “tit”. Well I did anyhow and it amused me…and then when I wrote side note, I thought about side boob…but I digress… So 30 years after that picture, where we probably all ended up puking maybe 30 minutes after the picture was taken and 20 years after two of the guys pretty much put down their instruments for good, we had a go at it (see…tit again) and this song, a lot of laughs and maybe a just few arguments came out of it. Enjoy! And also…Boobs.


There was a little moment then.
If we could do it all again.
Weighted down by ifs and hows.

Tell me what about now?

Settled down and settled in.
Lost a few, but we stayed friends.
Trust me again I'll show you how.

Tell me what about now?

What are we waiting for?
What about now?
It's time we hit the floor, running.
What about now?
What are we waiting for?

We walked away but never parted.
There's no end to what we started.

You felt a little cheated
By a dream that you conceded
And what a well worn way a dream can be defeated
When what you wanted gives the way for what is needed
And though there's no going back it's true.
There's nothing in the way of going somewhere new.

So tell me...

What are we waiting for?
What about now?
It's time we hit the floor, running
What about now?
What are we waiting for?

We walked away but never parted.
Because there's no end to what we started.

There's no starting to end.


released February 1, 2017
Gay Elvis: Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Mike Eckhart: Lead/Rhythm/Other Guitar/Organ/Backup Vocals
Skip D: Drums/Tambourine
Bill Cederroth: Bass

Engineered by Tim Pannella at Lakehouse Recording Studio
Mixed by Steve Evetts at Omen Room Studios
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music



all rights reserved


Gay Elvis Long Branch, New Jersey

My grandfather used to refer to singing as, "carrying a tune". I think that's along the lines of what I do. Unfortunately, I drop it several times between point A and point B.

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